How we care for our rabbits.

Our feeding program

   We feed Bar Ale rabbit pellets 16% protein. We have been feeding this feed for 3 years now and we love the results! It is always fresh
Milled locally (Williams, Ca) 
They listen to their customers 
They stand by their product and so do we.
   I did a lot of research and have tried many different brands of feed. Including the "big" brands. There was always issues of not finishing, coats always in molt or no litters being born.
   When we changed to Bar Ale, our rabbits finished and we had litters again. All of our rabbits molt at the same time now. Each rabbit gets 1/4 cup in the morning and again at night. Rabbits with litters, are free fed at all times.


   All of our rabbits are fed grass hay daily. Rabbits need fiber and lots of it. Some will say it is a filler and yes, it can be used as a filler to help a chubby Mini Rexes to loose some weight.
   Timothy Hay is BEST, but since we have a farm, we use horse quality grass hay. It is what works for us and our rabbits.
   We do NOT feed alfalfa. Alfalfa is high in sugar and calcium. It can cause bucks to get blockages which will prevent them from urinating. Alfalfa is also hot. It would be like eating a hot bowl of soup when it is 110 outside. YUK! A tiny bit of alfalfa in the winter is ok, but seriously, a tiny bit, there are risks.


   We use ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in our rabbit's water. ACV helps with breaking down fibers/hairs if it gets digested when a rabbit is molting.
   AVC helps with calcium build up in bucks and can help prevent UTIs
   ACV is known to help with fertility in rabbits as well.
   Some of our rabbits have water bottles and some have crocks. Not all rabbits are the same.
   It is also a known fact that rabbits drink 60% more water out of a crock than a water bottle.


 We clean our rabbitry every 3-4 days. If a visitor comes to pick up a rabbit, We do not rush around trying to make our rabbitry look clean! It may be cleaning day, it may not be.
   We pull trays, dump, spray either with a hose or power washer, air dry and add new Megazorb.
   Megazorb is absorbent, kills order and cheap. About $6.00 for 40lbs, last us about 2-3 cleanings (depending on how many rabbits we have).
   Once a week we use a hospital grade disinfectant on the trays and floors.             Take down cobwebs, sweep, mop and organize. ā€‹
   Rabbits usually molt twice a year. This is when we do our DEEP CLEAN.
After the molt, the rabbitry is full of fur. So we take each cage out and BURN them, Power wash them and disinfect them. At this time, we also replace the plastic that is on the walls and replace any flooring that needs to be replaced. We also reorganize the rabbitry and make sure everything is clean and put back in its place.


   We like to make our own toys for the rabbits.
You will find the dollar store is your favorite toy store. We use shower currant rings to make toys. Link a few together and attach to the top and add a toilet paper roll (without the tp) and put hay in the TP roll.
   We also give the rabbits pine cones! THEY LOVE THEM!
   Willow rings(ask friends or family if they have a willow tree). Weave the willow in a circle and it is haven to rabbits.
   Apple and Manzanita branches are a hit! Use your imagination.
Just be sure what your using is NOT harmful to your rabbits.