Our rabbitry has come a long ways since we started rabbits! When our homestead was featured on the Discovery channel's Homestead Rescue season 5 episode 1 (Line of Fire. Aired June 12, 2019). Our rabbitry was outside under a canopy. It was a constant struggle with our weather. 

   We have a huge 3 car garage and decided to build a wall and turn it into our rabbitry. It is fully insulated, with lighting, ventilation, ceiling fan, and Air Conditioned (for summer months). We installed a sink, cabinets, counter and put in flooring. 


In September of 2019 we expanded our rabbitry to triple the room. It is still a work in progress. We are still small and will remain that way so we can be sure to keep ALL of our rabbits happy and healthy!

At Hopper Farms, we strive for health. Our rabbits health is extremely important so we use the best products available.

  • The rabbitry is cleaned every 3 days.

  • We use Diatomaceous Earth(DE), Megazorb pellets and sweet PDZ to make sure there are no bugs, no order and it stays clean.

  • Our rabbits get fresh water daily with ACV.

  • We feed the freshest and best pellets from a local mill that is non GMO. 

  • Fresh hay free fed at all times.

  • Floors are swept twice a day and mopped when needed.

The Rabbitry with INTEGRITY.

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