Mini Rex Standards

This is how we pick our rabbits for the show table

Body type

First we look for type.
We look for a half ball shape in ALL angles.
From the side. The high point should be over the hips.
From the top. There should be a slight taper from the shoulders to the hindquarters.
From the back. You want it to be as full as possible.


Mini Rex fur should be DENSE! This is a hard thing to accomplish.
What is Density? Density is the thickness of the coat. The thicker it is the better.
When you flatten your hand out and gently pat the rabbit's fur, your hand will SPRING back. This is what you are wanting in fur type. If your hand sinks in, the rabbit's fur is too soft and does not have enough density. They will likely carry this onto their offspring. You want to avoid this!
*Texture: Is the feel of the fur. Is it too soft or course? A soft or course coat will result in a rabbit that lacks the density that is required on the show table.


Most breeders forget this part.
Mini Rex rabbits are a energetic breed. They like to have toys, exercise and play!
The more time you spend with them the happier they are.