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Question: What do you feed your rabbits and why?


1. We feed Bar Ale Rabbit Pellets. We have tried a few different brands with little to no luck of rabbits not reaching their full condition. We also noticed a huge difference with how easy our rabbits breed on this feed.

2. We also use ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) in their water every day.

3. Every rabbit gets free choice quality grass hay.


What breeds and verities do you breed?

Answer: We breed

Mini Rex: Castor and Blue Blue Otter. We usually have Black, Red Eyed White and of course the surprises colors and varieties.

Holland Lops:

Torts and Oranges

Jersey Woolies:

Torts, Blue Silver Marten, Blue and Orange. (Orange is in the process of becoming a new variety). We have solid and broken.

Question: Do you ship rabbits?


Yes, ONLY for out of county customers. For customers in the USA we use transporters. The cost of transporters is the customer's responsibility. We will work with transport.

Question: What do you do to keep your rabbits cages clean?


We clean our entire rabbitry every 3-4 days. That means every pan gets dumped and rinsed. We use Megazorb pellets in all of the urine corners. We then sweep the foor and mop if needed. We do not have a stink issue or fly problem.

Question: What do you keep in your cages?


All of our  rabbit cages have toys. They have a resting mat and some have crocks for water some have water bottles and of course they have their feed dishes or J feeders. We like to change out their toys to keep them busy and entertained.

Question: What do you do when a rabbit bites you?


We cull them! We will NOT keep nor breed a rabbit that shows signs of being aggressive. Not even the meat breed. We do not believe in breeding mean rabbits no matter how good of quailty they are. This is a rule we are NOT flexible on. 

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.

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