IDK getting judged at WCC in Reno. He got BOV and a leg! That was a hard class!

Meadow won BOSV in Grdley.

Our Rabbits

Mini Rex


SW Meadow: Castor Doe. She is a beautiful retired show rabbit. She had done great in youth shows. Meadow has produced several Grand Champions for us. She is the dam to HF FERN. 


Levi: Castor Buck. Levi is the clown of the rabbitry. He is very compact and stills the hearts of all who meet him. His favorite thing to do is to play basketball. Levi has been shown in showmanship, open and youth shows. We love his temperament. Levi is a Grand Champion producer.


HF Fern: Castor Doe GRAND CHAMPION. Fern has proven herself quickly on the show table. She won BOSB in Oregon as a junior. She has 12 legs as of 02/23/20. She will be retiring from the show table soon. The 2020 WCC will be her last show. She then will be put into the Castor breeding program.

Lady: Blue Otter Doe. She is our only blue doe in the rabbitry. She is an amazing mother. She produces great GC. Getting ready for fall babies.

Typhoon: Blue Buck. Ty is our only Blue Buck in the rabbity. He has amazing type and fur! He has sired several GC. 

FS Kaya: Red Doe. She is a very sweet doe. She is always the first to greet anyone! She will be part of our Castor breeding program. She turned out to be a wonderful mom. She throws TORTS! This was a great surprise for us and to our friend that breeds Torts at Dark Desires Farms. She is bred to HF Chase for a litter of Torts. 

FS Mya: AKA MAYA Castor Doe. The mom to Kaya. Maya will be a part of our Castor program as well. Great Mother! Getting ready for fall babies

FS Meredeth: Castor Doe. Another great mother. Getting ready for some fall babies.

HF Evergreen: Is the next one to look out for on the show tables. She is just as stunning as her full sister GC HF Fern.

E2U's Phoenix: He is a buck that is showing a lot of potential. He has sired his first litter and his offspring have turned out beautiful! 

We brought in a NEW line into our rabbitry recently. We would like to introduce:

King's Echo. Broken Black Doe

King's Raven: Black Doe

King's Indra: Broken Black Doe

King's Play AKA Bellamy: Castor Buck

This will be Britney's new beginning of her Mini Rex breeding program. Brit will have the solid blacks and I will have the Brokens. 

Britney will start her breeding program in full swing at the end of this year 2020.

Hopper Farm's Fern took Best Opposite Sex of Breed as a junior in open shown by her breeder/owner a youth Sara Grant. RVRF Grants Pass show 09/28/19.

Britney won BOB with her Jr Jersey Wooly Bang Bang at the 2020 California State Youth Show.

Hopper Farms has bred and shown several GRAND CHAMPIONS. Over 30+ BOV and BOSV. Our rabbits are standing out on every show table!

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