With the RHDV2 spreading to wild rabbits. We are taking every precaution to keep our rabbits safe. There are NO cases in Northern California. We hope it stays that way.

 1. We have installed a shade screen across our barn door with a zipper to make sure no flies or mosquitoes get into out rabbitry. 2. We have shut down our rabbitry to visitors.

3. We will deliver rabbits to a none rabbit populated area that we have not delivered to before.

4. Our vehicle tires will be sprayed with a bleach solution before entering our property.

5. No new domesticated rabbits will be entering our property or rabbitry. We are looking into how to keep wild rabbits from entering out property as well.

6. It is highly unlikely a wild rabbit can get close or into out rabbitry. Our rabbitry is attached to our home which is busy with kids and other livestock.

   Welcome to Hopper Farms. We are a small but growing rabbitry in Northern California. We specialize in only four breeds, Mini Rex, Holland Lops, Jersey Wooly and Californians. We believe in keeping it small is best, because we can be sure of the quality and the health of our rabbits are top notch.

 We specialize in 

MINI REX: Castors and Blues. We do end up with reds, blacks and other colors.

HOLLAND LOPS: Orange and Torts.

JERSEY WOOLY: Tort, Blue, Blue Silver Martens and Orange. (SOLID and BROKEN)


We are one of the few that can breed year round because our rabbitry is air conditioned.

   Our rabbits are handled daily. The kits are handled from day one and continue on to the day they are sold. We believe happy and healthy rabbits do best on and off the show tables. We put our reputation on our rabbits. We do NOT breed rabbits that bite or have any temperament issues. In fact, we will not own a biting rabbit, No matter how good they do on the show table.

We know our rabbits and their personalities because we spend time with them daily. 

   We are always working in our rabbitry to make it better for our rabbits and our visitors. Our #1 goal is to breed and sell the best of health and quality. We do have pet quality rabbits available at times. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions.

   We are members of the ARBA and show regularly in many ARBA sanctioned shows throughout the year. We have started a local rabbit club, chartered from the ARBA known as NorCal Rabbit Breeders Association.



    Call or Text

(530) 806-6799


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